Garden Club of Mountain Lakes education and workshops:

The Garden Club of New Jersey:  Located at Holly House at the Rutgers Agricultural Experimental Station in New Brunswick. The syllabuses for these courses are organized by National Garden Clubs, Inc., and specific information about each school may be found in their website under the tab “Schools”.


Rutgers Master Gardener Program

Our Club is located in Morris County, which will help narrow specific information.


Rutgers Cooperative Extension

Gardening information including specific details about their Home Gardeners School


Rutgers Environmental Stewardship Program

Offers training and experience in resolving New Jersey environmental issues.


Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Offers classes, workshops and certificate programs


New York Botanical Garden

Offers Certificate Programs, Lecture Series, Summer Intensives plus short classes and workshops. Certificate Programs are carefully selected series of courses focused on particular disciplines, preparing students for careers as well as personal enrichment in their chosen field of study.


Longwood Gardens

Longwood Gardens serve as a hands-on, living classroom that nurtures and educates students of all ages and skill levels.

Design basics:


The Garden Club of Mountain Lakes follows all guidelines and judging protocol published in the National Garden Club’s (NGC) Handbook for Flower Shows, 2007. A pictorial overview of the various types of design described in the Handbook is available in "Designing by Type". In addition, Horticultural Exhibiting and Judging is a great new book for those interested in exhibiting horticulture.

A copy of each book is available in the Mountain Lakes Library.

NGC American Traditional Design Styles

The National Garden Clubs developed three distinct types of design within the American Traditional Design Style. They are Line, Line-Mass, and Mass Design. They are considered American adaptations of the Oriental line design and the European Mass Design.

NGC Creative Design Styles

NGC Creative Floral Design was first introduced in the late 1950's as flower shows flourished throughout the United States and as garden club members' talents expanded. Many members were studying art and applying their knowledge of international art history and its creative movements to floral design.

New designs categories include: Angular, Creative, Duo, Mono Botanic, Multi Rhythmic, Stretch, Tapestry and Underwater.

American Abstract Creative Design

Abstract Creative Designs share the same tangible characteristics as all other Creative Designs, but go a step further. They are designs with a dominance of abstraction. Abstraction in floral design is the act of separating the inherent physical qualities of plant material and other components from the associated or naturalistic concept of them.


  • NGC Floral Design Publications


  • Flower Show Handbook Updates


  • GCNJ Flower Show School

Floral Schools:

National Garden Club’s Flower Show School is not only for prospective flower show exhibitors and judges, but also for all garden club members and all persons interested in flower design and horticulture.

While the primary purpose of these courses is to train those wishing to become flower show judges, many people attend for information only and those people may choose not to take the examinations. Design instruction covers traditional floral arrangements through contemporary styles and even designs incorporating lights and motors. Many attendees are particularly interested in table setting designs showing coordination of floral centerpiece, linens and dishes. Vignettes, small segments of rooms, also give ideas on interior decorating.

GCNJ Flower Show School


Other floral design classes are available through:


Brooklyn Botanic Garden


New York Botanical Garden


Longwood Gardens